November 26, 2020 - BY Admin

Digital Technology effects on well being

The advancement of technology has led to several positive and negative effects on the well-being of individuals. It has made us able to achieve the once imaginary goals; meanwhile, directed our generation towards an ever-competitive and a stressful world.


Everything is available online. The rapid shifting of the world towards an online platform has enhanced online education and eased the research activities. Awareness regarding various health sectors is easily available to a larger group of people in a very limited period. Consequently, individuals execute educated action while dealing with any health-related matters. Furthermore, communicating vital information to doctors has been convenient, too. On the other hand, the dependency of human beings on technology has led to a state of confusion in many instances. For example, patients have been searching the side effects of medicines prescribed by their physicians, etc.


Social networking sites and applications have made the world a smaller place. The features such as photo sharing, video conferencing are very beneficial to exchange news and information worldwide. However, the same feature also comes with some drawbacks. Especially, the younger generations have been engulfed in an ever-competitive virtual world where people post stuff that they want to display. The fact that the virtual world always has a distance from reality is not visible to most people. In the absence of proper judgment, a stressful and anxious environment is created. Besides, the time consumed by cell phones and electronic devices has compromised family times and many more.


There are many healthy mobile applications while helping to track chronic illness. Such applications also have features to tract diet plan, exercise, mental health information, calorie count, and other physiology of the body. A case in point is Apple’s Watch which can detect irregular heart rhythms, a risk factor for stroke. Online medical records provide people easy access to perform several tests effectively.


On the contrary, the enhanced screen time is a factor of improper sleep. Children tend to skip physical activities as computer games have been very successful in replacing outdoor sports. Also, headaches, eye strain, muscle pain, and overuse injuries have been prominent in the current Generation-Z. Individuals can devout time to communicate with the online pals; however, they have started compromising family time which is a factor for a quality life. Moreover, the shifting of every kind of works towards a digital platform has played a crucial role in diminishing the skills of human beings such as calligraphy, painting, etc.


In a nutshell, digital technology has both advantages and disadvantages to well-being. The proper and controlled utilization can further enhance our well-being while the opposite invites a catastrophe.