November 26, 2020 - BY Admin

Technology: Simplifying the New Normal

All the time we hear: every business is now a Technology Business. For business leaders, which means they have to be more tech savvy than before to contemplate the impact of technology on their strategy.

These are anxious times for business leaders. The companies won’t return to as usual business activity as we all know it. Changes in the working practices introduced to counteract the spread of COVID-19 are likely to go for the long term. This, adds in fears over recession, and continuing rapid advances in technology that help turn our existing IT systems into a technology debt, and what business leaders need to modify is previously unreached levels of complexity. We constantly hear that the change is the new normal – but we may see that the old normal will never return. The complexity that we see in every areas of business will lead to multiple new normals.

These new normals in the business now are powered and supported by technology, through the employment of evolving technologies like Digital Marketing, AI, Cloud and Blockchain. The business leaders must find some way to form the foremost of these complex advances. The business that do grasp these advances and effectively transform them into technology driven organizations are the organizations that are best-put to exploit the numerous new normals.

At this complex time, business leaders need realistic guidance. For the antidote to complexity, we aim to Simplify – we wish to assist business leaders ask the correct questions so that they use the innovation to fulfill their objectives.  Technology Transformation is developing at a quick pace, yet ventures that grasp advancement currently can push their companies and organizations survive as well as to flourish during the time described by numerous new normals.