3D Modelling

Techno Dawn consists of advanced infrastructure and a team of creative 3D modelers for offering custom 3D modeling services to clients from diverse industry sectors. Many organizations choose to leverage the capabilities of top companies providing 3D services to get a better idea about the required building, product, machine, character, or more. By using the computer-aided designing (CAD) technique, we create effective 3D drawings and three-dimensional designs that can be helpful for diverse business applications.

As a responsible and pioneering 3D design services outsourcing company, we have confidently met all the outsource 3D modeling project requirements of our client. We can craft plans that encompass all their project specifications, aesthetical necessities, and budgetary constraints without compromising on the quality of services. We have an extended in-house team that prioritizes and understands everything every business objective and preference of clients

A. 3D Architecture Modelling

As a reliable 3D modeling outsourcing service provider, we offer our clients with a diverse range of 3D architectural modeling services to support them during all stages of planning, designing, and visualization of various projects. Our experienced team are extensively trained on the industry-acclaimed architecture design software to provide the best results. They also use the state-of-the-art infrastructure and computer-aided design (CAD) programs to create stunning virtual building models for effectively showcasing the project details. Besides, our creative designers at Techno Dawn ensure to meet all the user specifications and optimally add the minutest details while deploying the 3D house design plans.


We offer custom 3D modeling services to create various architecture models. Our 3D building models, house design and floor plan designs present a precise overview of the actual architectural structure. If needed, we can also deliver 3D print models for enabling clients to view the physical architecture designs in the real-time. To provide our clients with unmatched outsourcing support for 3D architectural modeling, we offer a wide range of services such as:

·       3D Interior Modeling

We can enhance the interior details of different architectural properties by modifying or changing the color of the walls, texture, lighting, doors, windows, furniture models, and more.

·       3D Exterior Modeling

We work on every minute detail for improving the architectural exteriors, which include parking lots, lights, roads, landscape, house models, city models and more 3D model buildings as per the client’s specification.

·       3D CAD Models

By implementing the advanced modeling software, we also have extensive experience in creating 3D building models for various architects, engineers, and contractors as per their construction drawings.

·       SketchUp Models

We can provide easy design customizations and detailed SketchUp models during different designing phases. We ensure to meet all the client specifications while creating the architecture designs of your house plans and other buildings.

·       Architectural Drafting

We create high-quality architectural drafts at cost-effective rates by converting the 2D house plan drawings, house blueprints, architectural design specifications, or calculations building plans into 3D with the help of advanced 3D CAD drafting software.

·       Floor Plan Designs

We provide interactive and immersive floor plan designs by converting the client’s 2D drawings or blueprints of house design plans and other architectural properties into 3D for effectively showcasing their newly built home designs or remodeling projects.

B. Product Modelling

Techno Dawn is extensively equipped with creative talent, experience, and technological know-how to provide top-notch and premium quality product 3D modeling services for clients from diverse industry or business verticals. 

Having specialization in product designing, we can create highly accurate and lifelike 3D product models serving various industry scenarios. As a reliable 3D modeling outsourcing company, we extensively utilize highly advanced software programs, creative people, and technological platforms to serve the most specific needs of our clients at all times.


·       Architecture

We help the architecture industry by creating product 3D models for interior & exterior decorative objects, building construction elements, site components, and more.

·       Manufacturing

Our team is efficient in developing virtual CAD models for various machine parts, components, structures, manufacturing tools, and more with quality and precision.

·       E-commerce

We can design 3D prototypes for various e-commerce products like kitchen parts, bathroom accessories, home décor items, bags, shoes, dresses, accessories, etc.