Event Marketing

Techno Dawn helps top event planners to develop effective event marketing strategies, giving you more time and budget to focus on what matters most to you: your guests’ experience. We help you inspire your guests to take action – reaching them in the right place, at the right time and with the right message.

Finding the Right Event Marketing Partner

Your event marketing efforts may be your one and only chance to reach your target audience. They need to be the engine to propel your event to success. When you’re researching event marketing companies, look for a partner that:

1.       Helps you pick the right targets

Effective event marketing strategies are aligned with your event goals and the audiences you need to reach to meet those objectives. Techno Dawn aligns your event goals with your organization’s most important goals. Then we help you identify the right target audience segments you need to reach to achieve those goals.

2.       Knows where to reach your targets

Your event may be targeting a broad category that includes a wide range of generations and career experiences. The best event marketing companies have case studies that highlight how they successfully targeted and attracted diverse audiences.

3.       Develops content that engages and motivates

Too often event marketing companies over-communicate the venue and under-communicate the value. Your event guests need to know the benefits they’ll receive from attending. Techno Dawn’s event marketing strategies always focus on answering your guests’ number one question: “What’s in it for me?”

4.       Develops the right type of content

Selecting the right audience won’t matter if the right message never reaches them. Techno Dawn knows how to develop content for email, social media, direct mail and many other channels that motivates guests to attend and inspires them to take action.

5.       Reaches your audiences at the right time

With so many distractions and demands for your event guest’s time and attention, it’s more important than ever to stay engaged with them on a regular basis leading up to your event. 

Why Choose Techno Dawn for Event Marketing?

Techno Dawn knows what it takes to develop event marketing strategies that deliver measurable impact for your organization.

We partner with you before, during and after your event to deliver critical event marketing services like social media community management and follow-up correspondence that boosts registration and repeat attendance.

With Techno Dawn, you decide the exact type and level of event marketing service you need, including: event marketing strategy and timeline, logo and theme design, event website design, registration / program collateral, integrated promotional mailers & emails, and social media optimization.