A.  NODE.JS Development

Techno Dawn is one of the vibrant and versatile Node.Js application development services providers. The open-source Node. JS executes JavaScript code without a browser, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that allows you to execute JavaScript code without a browser. Our highly-experienced and dedicated Node.Js developers will deliver you the best product of your requirement. Irrespective of your project size, our expertise at Techno Dawn delivers the project requirement on time while taking care of your objectives and vision on the project.



·       Better Performing Apps

Node.js engine compiles the JavaScript code directly into the machine code, making it easier and faster to implement the code, effectively and ultimately providing better performing apps.


·       Easily Scalable

Developers find it easy to scale the applications because Node.js offers them the option of adding extra resources to the single nodes. So, Node.js is highly scalable and provides better options comparatively.




1.       Node.JS Development

We are node.js web development company that helps you to build great products with a faster time to market. Moreover, we deliver dynamic web & mobile applications that are efficient in handling complex business processes consistently.


2.       E-Commerce Development

We create the best E-Commerce platforms and shopping cart development with Node.js. So, now take advantage of your node.js e-commerce portal to get your store online and to open its doors to the world of opportunities for your business.


3.       Aesthetic UI/UX with Node.js

We comprise of the team of top-class designers who provide aesthetic UI/UX services whilst developing the super-fast Node.js Apps. So, our apps are both highly intuitive & visually appealing.


4.       Node.JS API Development

We provide integration services for your web apps as we have excelled in developing some impeccable and restful APIs with Node.JS that will help you to communicate effectively and transfer information to third parties.


5.       CMS Development

We provide your business with an opportunity to manage your web content better with CMS development using Node.JS because our developers know how to leverage the extensibility of NodeJS admin panel.


6.       Node.JS Consulting

We moreover provide the Node.js consulting services that analyze the architecture and offer you a blueprint for the project. Our consulting services further comprises of an architecture analysis as well as code reviews and assessing of development processes.


7.       Portal & Plug-in Development

We create a user-friendly and customizable web portal that can boost collaboration and help to increase efficiency. Moreover, you can enable adding a feature or enhancing the functionality of your application with our Node.JS plug-in development service.


8.       Node.JS Migration

Our Node.js migration services address customer’s requirements so that they can leverage Node.js and related ecosystem effectively. Moreover, we help them in migrating their applications built on Java, PHP, or any other framework to Node.js.


9.       Support & Maintenance

The support of your node.js development company doesn’t end only after the development of your web app, but also our Node.JS development team adopts a genuine approach to provide you with the best in class application support and maintenance in future.



1.       Open Source Platform

The first and foremost important thing about Node.JS is that it is an open-source platform. And this quality of Node.JS ensures that the framework can be used and also modified by anyone according to their custom requirements.


2.       Lightweight Framework

This is again probably one of the best features of Node.js. And this is due to the programming language, which is quite lightweight and easy to code and doesn’t take much storage space making the framework the choicest choice of developers.


3.       Super-fast Technology

Node.js has been created on Google Chrome’s V8 JS Engine. Therefore, its code execution and processing speed are much faster. Moreover, the speed of the code execution also enhanced by the runtime environment due to the non-blocking I/O operations.


4.       Code-Reusability

Moreover, Node.JS framework caters to you the code reusability that means the code once written for Node.JS app can be used again and again in different applications because as we mentioned it is an open-source platform and easy to customize.


5.       Multi-Platform Compatibility

However, there are a few that are compatible with both servers and browsers. But, Node.JS is one of those platforms which caters to the app developers with the multi-platform compatibility.


6.       Strong Community Support

Last but not least, advantages that Node.js offer you is strong community support as the community comprises thousands of professional developers who are always willing to help the new developers with their expertise.



B.  Angular JS Development


If you are looking for experts who can develop a cutting edge single page application in angularJS development, then you are at the right place. We are one of the best offshore angularJS development company who focuses on providing angularJS development. Because we are one of the growing demands for Website and Mobile development, which necessitates a framework that helps to create a well- structured and rich application while extending the HTML vocabulary in a modular fashion.

The Super-heroic JavaScript framework is without a doubt is a hit in application development. Create Unique, Scalable and attractive designs with AngularJS framework from Techno Dawn, for creative and responsive web design. Angular is one of the popular front-end frameworks that are currently available. We at Techno Dawn knows how exciting to be a part of the thrilling technical development in the Web/Mobile Application Industries with the constant rise of new technologies and frameworks of Java such as AngularJS, which offers a dynamic application development. 


·       Real-Time Applications

AngularJS has made it easy for the angular developer to build real-time applications called Single Page Applications with its two-way data binding. Single-Page Applications load a single HTML page and dynamically update that page at the moment the user interacts with the app.


·       Highly Scalable Applications

AngularJS made it possible to build one of the largest and most complex applications that scale up beautifully. So, the web apps built with AngularJS can scale up efficiently from a development standpoint as well as from a utilization standpoint.




1.       Web App Development

We have in-depth knowledge along with extensive experience in building secure, scalable, and feature-packed web applications that provide the website’s users with a seamless performance across devices.


2.       UX/UI Development

We offer the splendid UI/UX experience to your users about your web application, which provides a good impression of your business. Moreover, the ease of navigation, scalability, and responsiveness of your app for multiple-platforms makes it even more appealing.


3.       E-Commerce Web Portal Development

At Techno Dawn, the angular developers develop feature-rich and interactive shopping cart using angular js, which is a lot simpler with the help of this amazing framework. So, let us help you develop a simple yet most ravishing portal system with floating panels.


4.       API Development/Integration

We bridge the gaps between your App and different software with our API development services. Moreover, along with the API development services, we also provide API integration services for ensuring the smooth functioning of your web app.


5.       Custom Plugin Development

Want to integrate some additional and unique plugins into your web app? We at Techno Dawn, provide highly-interactive and data-driven enterprise-oriented custom plugin development services that are here to fulfill your unique business needs.


6.       AngularJS Migration

Being a renowned angular js web development company, we understand how important it is to adapt yourself with the technological advancements. So, we’ll quickly and efficiently migrate your existing app to the latest version i.e. AngularJS from another platform.