Network Support Service

Techno Dawn provides network support and network maintenance packages to a broad range of businesses, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large organizations. Our network support packages have been designed to act as a safety blanket for businesses whose networks form the foundation of what they do.

Our network support services provide business clients with the convenience of a single management and support partner who can effectively troubleshoot and deal with any unexpected network issues, ensuring consistent network performance, minimizing downtime and increasing workforce productivity. 

Through offering a variety of managed network support services, our customers are able to hand as much or as little control of their network to us as they wish. We believe that this degree of flexibility ensures that our customers receive custom network support services based only on their specific infrastructure requirements and business critical operations.

Techno Dawn Network Support Services include:

1.      Ad Hoc Technical Assistance

To supplement our professional network and managed service contracts, Techno Dawn offers an ad hoc support framework for those businesses who require less comprehensive support. If your enterprise network is managed in-house, Techno Dawn’s ad hoc network support service can be the perfect solution as and when more expertise is required.

2.      Managed Remote Monitoring

Leading to a more efficient and productive business, outsourced remote network monitoring can have significant benefits for the health and productivity of your wireless network. Ensign’s remote monitoring services ensure a rapid response to network events, affording you the peace-of-mind that your IT infrastructure is in the safe hands of experienced professionals.

3.      Remote Network Management

Heavy reliance on IT and wireless network infrastructures is increasingly common. The adoption of new technologies alongside an ever-growing threat landscape has resulted in a real need for comprehensive and professional remote network management. Outsourcing the management of your enterprise wireless LAN can help to reduce in-house costs and time spent identifying and fixing unexpected faults.