Search Engine Marketing

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. SEO is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitor to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results pages of a search engine.

We deliver not just SEO but effective SEO. That means a hard-working plan which will drive up page rankings and provide higher engagement. We are experienced in devising user-centric content strategies that lead to visibility and shareability. We won't just use search engine analytics and the latest metrics to monitor progress, we'll also derive rich brand and business-building insights from this data.


1. Get increased visibility

We'll come up with relevant, problem-solving content in a clean, uncluttered website, to draw in consumers to your website. The result: your website rankings and visibility will increase.

2. Get desired results

Unique contents, backlinks, localization, user intent and more. We'll show you to engineer all of these to deliver the desired results.

3. Get enhanced brand recognition

One of our top priorities will be to increase and improve your brand awareness. We'll do this by analyzing keywords and data, then aligning SEO and branding efforts.

4. Get online performance tracking

We'll use real-time web analytics to boost responsiveness and reaction speeds. We'll provide traffic projections by analyzing and segmenting views.

Services Offered

1. Site Audit and Optimization

Through in-depth audit and following best search engine optimization practices, we will enhance sites for both search engines and users. We'll consider multiple ranking signals: keyword research, SEO tags, internal linking, content optimisation, and more.

2. Keyword and Opportunity Research

We conduct an in-depth keyword analysis by using the best tools and information available from the competitors' websites. Moreover, we review the search results for each keyword so as to be able to understand the search engine's behaviour.

3. Persona Modelling

We'll put your target audience first, by researching and reviewing your business data, and that of your competition. Thus, creating cutting-edge SEO strategies with the potential to engage and convert.

4. SEO Integrated Marketing

We harness the power of integrated SEO, by using social media, content marketing and PR to improve traffic and sales for faster results, more traffic, and enhanced engagement.

5. Content Marketing and Outreach

To build authority and improve rankings, we create content ideas around users and search engine metrics. Wider audiences are also attracted by engaging content, blog management, and social media promotions.

6. In-depth Analytics

Our experts monitor and optimize site performance. They're among the best for SEO experts in the country. They'll establish goals, produce custom reports, set intelligence alerts, and more.

7. Link Audit and Penalty Recovery

Bad links harm sites. We conduct a link audit and suggest removals. If there is a manual action or an algorithmic penalty leading to a traffic drop, we'll find ways to recover rankings.

8. Monitoring and Reporting

We'll use advanced tools to monitor and report on SEO strategies. What's working well, and what could be better? We'll provide answers via analytics monitoring, site audits, backlink review, customised reports and search engine evolution charts.


At Techno Dawn, our experts with web analytics capture the essence of every website visit. A website analysis, website report or website audit, however it may be classified and gives you an in-depth website analysis providing glaring mistakes, review of your website’s content, structure, code and offsite authority. And hence you will be able to compare your business website to that of the industrial standard it provides. Our experts at Techno Dawn will help you to understand the secrets to manage your website properties profitably. With a complete certainty, web analytics gives a power of intuition and acts like a third eye. For calculating the marketing spends, web analytics powers you a peripheral vision and insight. Web analytics can give you careful comprehension of every single guest going to your web property and the degree of intrigue appeared by them with your correspondence.

Today, we live and lead business in an undeniably connected world. Subsequently, organizations who need to expand and develop to the next level can't do so absolutely based on marketing endeavours and easy to understand websites. With in-depth web analytics online endeavours a progressively articulated impact and feel. At Techno Dawn, we have expertise in exhibiting truly right and precise data as outwardly engaging dashboards just as perform complete reporting and analytics to help your business objectives. Regardless of whether you are searching for custom web analytics software configuration or a complete web analytics software tool, Techno Dawn helps to accomplish your targets and put your focus on further extension objectives effortlessly. Our experts offer you adaptable solutions that transform your website into a revenue-creating machine. We help our customers to break down their business data and settle on educated choices that expands their businesses major concern. Start working on developing your website with the best web analytics services from Techno Dawn.


Researching the competitors is an extremely important factor in SEO generation. Research and analysis of the competitor work are mandatory. What they do, how effectively they do, their keyword selections, the plan of attack and required budget are few of the aspects we look into while having a competitor analysis. While customizing the SEO our experts at Techno Dawn will make sure that we deliver a professional approach while we improve your online presence for your business. Minimize weaknesses and maximize the SEO strengths with our digital marketing experts at Techno Dawn. Our expertise makes appropriate strategies and tactical decisions to understand the competitive landscape and hence this increases a faster progression in the lead generation and thereby generates an effective ROI.

Basic Competitor Analysis Aspects

1. Identification of the Primary Competitors

The websites that target the keywords that you intend to target are the primary competitors. An SEO competitor may not be from a similar business domain as of yours. For example, the services provided by health care can even compete against a government agency as well as websites delivering online medical information.


2. Competitors Keyword Strategy Evaluation

Understand what the competitor is trying to do and analyze how well it succeeds. For that, the primary step is to identify the target keywords in the service or product pages as well as on the home page. Find the current Google ranking position of these keywords and determine the average monthly search volume gained on Google for those keywords. A clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses can be identified using this information.

3. On-site Research

There are chances for your SEO campaign to gain traction more quickly. For instance, is a competitor’s website that is poorly optimized helps generate your SEO campaign. Also, you can catch up significant ground in google by creating a blog, and if your competitor lacks one, then it will be an added advantage for your website and hence to rank higher in the search engine.

4. Off-site Research

The off-site factors are other important factors that affect the SEO performance. The final piece of SEO competitive analysis is concluded with the number of off-site factors that affect SEO. Page authority, domain authority, indexed number of pages, backlinks and other off-site contents.


If you have a business that is local or services specific areas, our well-crafted Local SEO services can help your website get the traffic it deserves. Using our services, your website can also show up on Google local search listings on relevant search terms. This will automatically generate more traffic for your site and attract customers from nearby areas or targeted areas.


1. Communicate with the community

Whether you operate across multiple cities or just one location, local SEO is essential as it enables you to build a rapport with the community around your base.

2. Increased organic traffic

An increase in online visibility means it is easier for those in the area to find your company/products/services and thus boost website traffic.

3. Target specific areas

As a leading SEO agency, we can help you optimize your site and content based on research regarding the area you operate in and want to target.

4. Boost revenue

Elevated traffic means your sales team has an easier job leading visitors down the sales funnel and closing the deal. Thus, boosting revenue.

Search Engine Marketing

1. Local Customer Analysis

We understand that your customers are king. To help you cater to them better, we analyse customer and market trends.

2. Local Competitor Analysis

An analysis of competitors who are outpacing your company online. Our experts also analyse the market trends in your area to craft better SEO strategies.

3. Keyword Research

Before we can optimize your content, we need to understand the relevant industry and market-related keywords. This allows us to tweak your content, so it shows up higher on search results.

4. Persona Modelling

We build personas of your target audience and their interests, so we can model our SEO strategies around them. This drives organic traffic and will likely increase conversion rates.

5. Content Optimization

A thorough revision of the content on your website to make necessary changes, based on the research we conducted.

6. Content Marketing

Our experienced experts will draft content for blogs and social media. All of which will help boost traffic and increase brand recognition.

7. Monitoring and Reporting

The local SEO campaign is constantly monitored and tweaked based on the ever-changing search engine, marketing, and social media trends.

8. In-Depth Analytics

Our team will deliver detailed analytics on the progress of your local SEO campaign and the aspects most relevant to it.

D. E-Commerce SEO Services

E-commerce websites can lose out on a sizeable amount of traffic simply because their sites aren't optimized for search engines. Optimizing your e-commerce site can mean a lot in terms of building brand image, greater engagement, increased visibility, and significant growth in sales and revenue as a result of this increased visibility.


1. Building Brand Image and Recognition

Our team of e-commerce experts are skilled at optimizing your e-commerce site such that it makes the most of the search engine algorithms. Also, there is a significant rise in the number of new visitors and potential customers, resulting in better brand visibility.

2. Growth in Sales and Revenue

Search engine optimization can put you ahead of your competitors. Our clients report seeing dramatic rises in sales and revenue figures. Now, you can make your e-commerce site stand out from the rest by hiring one of our SEO expert teams.

3. Engagement

Regardless of what kind of business you run online, user engagement is always an important factor. And our team of SEO experts can optimize your site such that your business sees a significant rise in engagement, resulting in the overall growth of the business.

4. Increased Visibility

Having your site figure among the first few results increases your prospects of gaining new customers by a good measure. So contact us to hire an expert to audit your site and fine-tune it for best results.

A Suite of SEO Services

1. Product Optimization

Sometimes it might take a little more than just tweaking around with the website to make it rank higher. We have dedicated teams of experts who specialize in product optimization in order to make sure that you bag the first spot on search engine results.

2. Keyword and Opportunity Research

Our experts are great at researching keywords and finding opportunities to link to other parts of your site, which helps greatly in boosting results on search engines.

3. E-Commerce SEO Audit

Making it to the top of major search engines' rankings is not an easy feat by any means, but is very achievable. Hire one of our experts to conduct a comprehensive audit of your e-commerce site, so you can get ahead of the competition.

4. Site Optimization

By carefully evaluating every nook and cranny of your e-commerce site, our experts will be able to optimize your site so you can get the exposure you deserve by ranking higher up on search engine results.

5. Content and Link Building

Our dedicated teams of experts are skilled at making wonders happen for businesses by employing content marketing and link-building strategies that make marketing viable and increase outreach.

6. Traffic Funnelling Strategy

This type of testing allows our skilled team to come up with hypotheses for better conversion rates and then test them on your site. New landing page designs are created and tested among users to see, which drives more conversions.


Undoubtedly a lifesaving tool from Google, which changed the business scenario. Don’t get the ‘web analytics’ fool your mind. This is a broad spectrum and the possibilities are very high. Considering your digital traffic, your website plays a crucial role and your customers are going to visit your page often. This is where Google Analytics comes to play, which carefully tracks your website traffic and effectiveness. As of now, more than 55 million websites all around rely on Google Analytics. Your website comprises codes and what Google Analytics does is that it adds a few lines of tracking code and it spectates the web activities so that whoever visits, their demographic data will be stored. And the data collection is done in many ways and mainly 4;

   Depends on the action of the user (User-level data)

   Each individual session

   Each page visited by the individual

   Button clicks and video views

Apart from these, details on the users' preferred section, usage of keywords, details of their devices, etc. One great advantage is that since it's from Google, analytics can be combined with other products such as Ads, YouTube, Blogger, etc. 

Sounds promising right! I know you are excited about Google Analytics and what are you doing about it. No worries! Techno Dawn has been just as excited as you there on the other side. We have great professionals waiting to take you for a roller coaster ride.

3. Online Advertising

The term online advertising essentially identifies with online advertising, or internet advertising. It uses the World Wide Web and internet to convey messages in order to attract the customers.

Online advertising allows advertisements which can be customized including content and posted sites.

Types of online advertisements include Expanding ads, Floating ads, Trick banners, Polite ads, Pop-up ads, Video ads, Pop-under ads, Map ads.

Techno Dawn is focused to run targeted ad campaign across Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn to produce leads and develop visitors to the site. We ensure the best results at optimized cost with our strong ad management experience.

Google Adwords

It bodes well for you to harness this reach and utilize it to expand your business as Google Adwords is the world’s powerful network.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook has more than 1.44 billion dynamic overall clients. With Facebook advertisements, we guarantee you get the best portion of this virtual universe of connected customers.

Retargeting Ads

It empowers you to demonstrate advertisements to those traffic who have visited your website yet left without purchasing. These promotions show up on different sites that the individual is perusing through, to keep your brand noticeable, grabbing browser’s attention and bringing him back.